шал Ловеч 2, 100% вискоза

48.00 лв.78.00 лв.

Вдъхновен от абстрактни мотиви от Ловеч

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голям: 90×90 см и малък: 65×65 см
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материя: италианска вискоза
грижа: перете на 30°C

Designed and made in Bulgaria.

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Designed in Bulgaria

Inspired by a traditional apron from Central Bulgaria. Simplified into a modern colourful composition.

Made in Bulgaria

Our viscose fabric is made in Italy. The scarves are digitally printed and machine hemmed in Bulgaria.

Packaged and ready to be worn or gifted

Each scarf comes in an individual minimalist carton box with a hot foil stamp on top and a bilingual leaflet inside. The leaflet contains information about the brand as well as the design and production of every individual scarf.

Inspired by abstract figures from Lovech

We found the fragment in „Етнографски музей – Пловдив Уникални паметници от фонда на музея“ ( Plovdiv Ethnographic Museum: Unique items from the museum’s collection ), by El. Koleva and N. Dobreva, published in 1983

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Тегло 100 g
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