Безкраен шал No.1 в негатив

45.00 лв.

Вдъхновени от абстрактни мотиви от Плевен
Безкраен шал: обиколка: 140 см | височина: 35 см
Материя: сатен шифон (полиестер)
грижа: перете на 30°C
Designed and made in Bulgaria


Код: 4820 Категории: , Етикет:


Designed in Bulgaria

We found this dynamic geometric pattern in an old album and fell in love with the rhythm, bold shapes and simple imperfect black and white tints. So we almost entirely kept the original graphics intact.

What we changed is their scale – we made the figures larger. We also inverted the colours. And all of a sudden this bold, almost aggressive pattern gained a calm gentle presence.[/vc_column_t

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Тегло 100 g