A temporary tattoo MARTENITSA

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A temporary tattoo martenitsa inspired by authentic Bulgarian motifs.М

size: 22 by 1.5 cm


  1. Cut the martenitsa to fit your rist’s circumference. Cut 1 extra cm so that the ends of the martenitsa don’t overlap when you put it qround your wrist.
  2. Remove the protective foil
  3. Place the martenica on dry and clean skin
  4. Soak the martenitsa well under running water for at least 10 seconds while pressing it furmly against the skin.
  5. Peel the paper base and dry with towel

The martenitsa is long enough for:

  • Two children’s bracelets
  • one bracelet for an adult + one ring from the leftover


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Dimensions 22 × 1.5 cm