Petar Stankov (Co-Founder & Production Manager )

Gergana Stankova (Co-Founder & Designer )

Inspired by Balkan textile traditions

We are Shevitza – an accessories brand from Sofia, Bulgaria. Our products are based on authentic Bulgarian textile motifs. Our mission is to dig out, redesign and communicate these stunning motifs to the world. By doing so, we reveal their strive for pure geometry, their rhythm, and their neat and systematic stylization of life.

Our work starts with research. We have been researching local embroidery figures for 5 years now. We visit ethnographic museums, study old books and study private textile collections to gather the most distinct and idiosyncratic motifs from all over Bulgaria and beyond. We pick the motifs and then we digitalise them, reimagine and redesign them.

Once we have finished the designs we print, knit or weave them into contemporary accessories. We knit in Bulgaria, print in Bulgaria and Greece, and weave in Sweden. Our partners are all family-owned businesses, just like ours. Their capacity and experience is invaluable when we work on new products. We constantly make sure that our fashion and home accessories boast an uncompromising quality.

All this comes with a single hope – that long forgotten local motifs will become a part of contemporary fashion design in and outside of Bulgaria. This is because these motives were never meant to abdicate and retreat in books or museums. They were made to be worn. Every day.

Thank you for becoming a part of this mission.

Gergana Stankova and Petar Stankov
Shevitza co-founders

We redesign old motifs and turn them into new accessories. To be worn. Every day.

— Gergana Stankova

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