General Terms and Conditions

for using the website


Seller Details

The website and all its content is owned by PROSPER Bulgaria Ltd., with headquarters and registration address: Sofia 1113, 18A Shipchenski Prohod Blvd, UIC: 203052634 and VAT number: BG203052634. Email: and Contact Phones: 0887-935-349. Henceforth PROSPER Bulgaria Ltd. is referred to as the “Seller”.

Validity and applicability

1. This document regulates the relationship between, on the one hand, a person who accesses, views and uses the website and its subsites and has accepted these terms and conditions (the “Buyer”), and, on the other hand, the Seller in relation to the products, services, content and resources provided on (referred to as “Website” or “Site” with the same meaning of both terms).
2. The General Terms and Conditions (“GTCs”) for the use of the Website are a legal agreement that has binding effect between the Buyer and the Seller. Relationships between them will be governed by these terms and conditions, the Privacy Policy, and other terms and instructions created and published by the Seller on the website, which are an integral part thereof.
3. These GTCs apply equally to both registered and unregistered users.
4. The Seller reserves the right to make changes to the GTC at any time. Buyers will be notified of the changes by a message displayed prominently on the website. By accepting these GTCs, the user agrees to be informed of the changes and, while continuing to use the website and services after the entry into force of a new version of GTC, will be deemed to have agreed to the latest published version of these GTC.

Service characteristics and delivery of orders

5. The services provided to the users on the website have the following subject matter: sale and supply of goods, information, advertising and other services and content. The website is an e-shop accessible at and sub-sites of the top site. Through the website, users can purchase products and services offered on the website.
6. The seller provides and the buyers agree to use the goods and services “as advertised” under the terms and conditions stated on the website. The goods and services of the website are used by users at their own risk and responsibility. The user is responsible for the choice of each good or service and for their compliance with their expectations and requirements.
6.1. When shopping on the Website, the Buyer agrees to provide the necessary personal contact information, including: first and last name, email, mobile phone and exact delivery address. These data are only necessary for the successful delivery of the ordered product.
6.2. To buy a selected product, the Buyer presses the BUY button and follows the steps on the “Cart” page. If the Buyer wishes to purchase more than one product, they need to select the “Continue shopping / Add to cart” option on the same page. To complete the purchase, the Buyer needs to proceed to Checkout. The Checkout page is where the buyer enters their contact details. Finally, clicking on Place order completes the order. Then, the Buyer receives an email confirmation with full details of the order (user data and selected goods, delivery method, estimated delivery date and method of payment). Once the seller confirms the order, the sales and delivery contract between the seller and the buyer will be deemed to be valid and valid.
6.3. At each stage of the purchase, with the exception of an already confirmed order, the Buyer has the right to change the products in the Cart or to abandon the products selected so far by returning to the homepage or exit the website.
6.4. In the event that an order cannot be fulfilled for reasons beyond the Seller, the Buyer shall be notified in writing by email. The Buyer has the option to choose whether to cancel the order and receive a refund or replace the product in the order with another one at the same price. In case they choose a product with a higher price, additional payment is due to the full value of the product being replaced. When choosing a product with a lower price, the difference is not refundable. Refund of the order is within 30 days of receipt of the Notice of inability to deliver.
7. The methods of payment and delivery of goods are specified in the “Prices and delivery terms” section. The main features of the goods offered by the Seller are described in the profile of each item on the Website.

Prices and delivery times

8.1. All prices of products / services listed on the website are in Bulgarian Lev (“лв.”), with VAT included. If the prices are announced in Euro, then the conversion in BGN is done at the central rate of the BNB, namely: 1.95583 Bulgarian levs per one Euro (1 лв. = 0.51129 Euro, respectively). The prices of the products / services are valid until the date indicated on the website or the subsequent change. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices announced in the site without a prior notification.
8.2. The prices of products advertised on the Site do not include delivery costs. They depend on the rates of the courier and postal companies with which the Website works. Delivery costs are reported in the course of shopping before final confirmation of the order. They are included in the final cost of the order and are visible to the Buyer before the Buyer has placed their order.
8.3. Upon successful confirmation of the order, ordered goods and services are sent by courier to Bulgaria and by postal services abroad. Usually, the deadline for sending ordered products is up to 3 business days after the order is confirmed. If the Seller is unable to comply with this period, the Seller shall notify the Buyer in writing and give them an option for a refund.
8.4. There is no Cash on Delivery option outside Bulgaria.

Access and registration

9. The Services of the Website are used by buyers at their own risk and liability, after registration, to facilitate the multiple use of the services of the Website. Purchases are possible without a registration.
10. The buyer is registered by filling in the registration form. Upon successfully completing the registration, the Buyer receives an email confirmation. Access to services is also possible through a Facebook profile. The buyer is responsible for keeping their username, login details and password a secret.
11. By filling in the details and choosing the “SEND” button, the Buyer confirms that they have become acquainted with these GTCs and express their unconditional agreement with them. By registering to use the Services, the Buyer declares that he / she is of legal age and able to participate in online transactions made through the Website.
12. The Buyer agrees to be solely responsible for all actions or inactions in relations with his / her profile and password, including the content created or associated with his / her profile. The buyer shall maintain confidentiality of the received username and password. The Buyer is required to notify the Seller immediately of any unauthorized use of the password and their account.

Rights and obligations

13. The Buyer agrees to:
13.1. Use the services and resources offered on the Website in a lawful manner, according to its purpose and in accordance with these GTCs.
13.2. Provide accurate and true information when registering, including a current and accurate delivery address and contact phone; not use a false identity, or create user profiles by automated means; not misuse others’ identity when communicating through the website; not make fictitious orders.
13.3. To access the services and resources of the website through the technologies and means provided by the website through its normal functionality, and not to use, copy and distribute, in whole or in part, any content posted on the Website for any purpose beyond those explicitly mentioned in the GTCs.
13.4. Pay the price that was listed on the site during the order, whether lower or higher than the current one.
13.5. When receiving the order, to check its contents for a match with the order as well as for obvious defects. In case of violations of the appearance of the goods resulting from the transport, the Buyer must contact the courier for a damaged shipment report and within 24 hours inform the Seller of the case.
13.6. Pay the transportation and other costs of receiving and returning the goods.
13.7. Pay all transportation and other costs of receiving and returning the goods when the reason for the return is not due to damage to the good. The products and the packaging must be returned in their original condition according to Art. 55 paragraph 7 of the Bulgarian Law for Obligations and Contracts (Закон за задълженията и договорите), and be returned together with all accompanying documents.
14. Any of the following actions by the Buyer are prohibited:
14.1. Copy, adapt, reverse-engineer, modify, create derivative works on the website, including but not limited to: Flash, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, JavaApplets, or other code and / or program resources.
14.2. Use of any automated or non-automated processes for collecting, storing, archiving or retrieving information for other service users and the Website or in any way retrieving systematically information from the Website’s databases.
14.3. Hide, block, delete, remove or in any way hinder the visibility and access to any messages, banners, advertising, user and other content and information posted on the website.
14.4. Bypassing, removing, manipulating any security features, measures and technical means to protect the service and the Website from an unauthorized access, hacking and other destructive, malicious, and harmful actions, including but not limited to any actions that have the purpose or effect of blocking access to the services and / or the Website, loading and distribution of illegal content, the destruction in whole or in part of the functionality of the services of the Website, theft and loss of data and the services and resources of the website.
14.5. Obstruction of access or restriction of other users in any way whatsoever to the services on the website or any part of its content.
14.6. Exposing to, or sending from or to, this site any unlawful, abusive, defamatory, indecent, pornographic or other information that is in violation of applicable laws.
15. The buyer is entitled to:
15.1. Lawfully use the website and all its services for the purposes and within the scope of these GTCs.
15.2. Create a profile according to the requirements of these GTCs. The user can easily and at any time access and update their personal data through the tools for editing their account, except in cases when their profile has been deactivated. The information on any deactivation will be updated immediately.
15.3. Terminate at any time, at their sole discretion, the use of the Website and request the deletion of their account.
15.4. Freely choose the products and their quantity and whether to pay them in advance via the online payment platform or by bank transfer or to pay the full amount in cash on delivery by agreeing that the Seller is entitled to receive an advance payment for the concluded online contracts for the purchase and sale of goods and their delivery.
15.5. Without indemnity or default, and without giving any reason, to cancel the contract for the purchase and delivery of goods on the Website within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods. In this case, the user pays for the return costs. The returned item must be in its original packaging, condition and commercial appearance (packaging, labels, parts, etc.) and must be accompanied by all purchase documents, i.e., a receipt or an invoice, and instructions for use.
15.6. Return purchased goods in cases where, due to the Seller’s fault, they have received goods other than the products they have ordered.
15.7. Reimbursement policy paid by card. If you need a refund to your debit / credit card for goods purchased from the Website, this will be done to the card with which you made the original payment. Bank charges for the refund of these amounts are at the Buyer’s expense.
15.8. Review the goods upon receipt and, in the case of apparent defects, is entitled to a claim within 24 hours. In case the defects cannot be determined immediately due to their nature, the time limit to make a claim is 14 (fourteen) days from the day of receipt of the goods. The Seller commits to replacing the defective product with a new one or to refund the amounts paid by the customer. In case of a defective product, the replacement costs are at Seller’s expense. In the event that the Seller fails to replace the ordered products, the Seller shall notify the Buyer and refund the amount paid, including the shipping costs paid by the Buyer, within 30 calendar days.
15.9 In case an order has been made by a minor, their parents or legal guardians are entitled to cancel the transaction by returning the goods. In this case, they are entitled to a refund of the amount paid. Alternatively, they can give their written consent to confirm the order made. In the event of return of a purchased product under the terms of this section, the return shipment costs shall be borne by the Buyer.
16. The seller is entitled:
16.1. At any time in its sole discretion to make changes to the Services and the Website in relation to its maintenance, development and/or improvement of the quality of the services provided therein, as well as to expand the scope of services, make changes to published materials, goods and prices without written notice to users and without being held responsible for those changes.
16.2. Block a Buyer’s access to services and to the Website as a whole or to separate parts of the Website in the case the Buyer violates the GTC, the Privacy Policy, and other terms and conditions that are an integral part of the GTC. Blocking can also occur in case of a real or suspected criminal activity being committed by a Buyer or by persons using his or her profile, illegal activities or actions that endanger the security and functioning of the Services and / or the Website, or the legitimate interests of other buyers, the seller or its partners, contractors and other related parties, or any other significant public interest.
16.3. All rights not expressly granted in these GTCs are reserved and belong to the Seller.
16.4. In order to improve the quality of the services, in the course of prevention, troubleshooting, updating of information and other related activities, the Seller has the right to temporarily restrict or suspend the provision of the services.
17. The seller commits to:
17.1. Deliver the goods purchased through the Website within the agreed period to the address specified by the Buyer, and shall not be liable in case the specified delivery data is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate. The obligations with respect to the products and services offered on this site are governed by the respective agreements with the manufacturers, importers and / or distributors of the products presented.
17.2. Refund in full the value of the purchased and returned by the Buyer under the conditions of sections 15.5 and 15.6 within 30 calendar days from the date on which the consumer exercised his right of withdrawal from the concluded contract.
17.3. Replace defective products at their own expense within 30 days of the defect notice within the meaning of section 15.7. The defect message is submitted in writing to the email addresses mentioned above.


18. The seller is not responsible for:
18.1. The quality, reliability, accuracy and performance of related services provided by other persons and organizations in connection with the operation of the Internet, social networks, hosting, courier and postal services, traffic disruptions due to causes for which the ISP is responsible or online providers and other third-party services available through this website.
18.2. The quality of service deterioration due to the use of defective technical equipment, devices, and / or improperly configured software by Buyer or any direct, indirect, specific, incidental or consequential damages associated with the use of software programs installed by the user, and all related damages.
18.3. Actual or future damages caused by inaccurate, untrustworthy or misleading information and / or data, information materials, books, publications, and other content posted by third parties on the Website.
18.4. Incorrect product data provided by other distributors of the product listed on the Website, except in cases in which the false information was posted by the administrators of on the Website.
18.5. Any inaccuracies in the description of the items that do not relate to their essential characteristics and does not claim the completeness of the information provided.
18.6 The Seller shall not be liable for any delay or inability to perform its duties in the event of circumstances beyond the control of the Seller, including delay or inability to meet its obligations arising from courier and postal operations.
18.7. The Seller is not responsible for the delivery of products and / or services that are not available or are not current at the time of the order. The seller does not guarantee the availability of the products nor does it guarantee the launch date of products with a stated fixed date for their release or release in relevant markets.
19.1. The seller does not exercise control and is not responsible for the quality of the services of third parties and parties in connection with the payment and delivery of goods and services purchased on the Website.
19.2. The seller does not guarantee the Buyer’s satisfaction with the selected merchandise or service purchased through the Website.
19.3. Seller is not responsible for external information that links to the Website.
20. In the event that the Buyer has any doubt as to the quality of the goods, services or reliability of the Website itself, the Buyer shall not use the Services or any part of the Website. If, despite these doubts or reservations, the Buyer continues to use the services or the website, the responsibility for this decision lies entirely with the Buyer.
21. The Seller reserves the right to seek, with all legal means allowed, protection and compensation for committed or suspected violations of the GTCs and the Privacy Policy and other terms and regulations that are published on the Website and form an integral part of these GTC.

Privacy policy

22. PROSPER Bulgaria Ltd. is not a registered administrator of personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act (Закон за защита на личните данни). However, PROSPER Bulgaria Ltd. guarantees that the personal data of all users of the Website are processed according to a strict confidentiality, and according to the GDPR standards. For consumer security reasons, the seller only sends the data to e-mail addresses that were specified by the Buyer at the time of registration or purchase. The Buyer agrees that the Seller is entitled to process their personal data, including the username and password chosen, electronically when delivering ordered goods or services.
22.1. The website does not need and does not collect any personal data other than those described above in Art. 6.1, nor does it make it available to third parties, whether free of charge or for a fee.
22.2. The Buyer has the right to access his / her own Personal Data which he / she has entered or made available on the Website, as well as: edit this data and request its permanent deletion.
22.3. Personal information is not visible to other users and is used only by representatives of the Website for confirmation of order status, availability and delivery of goods ordered on the Website as well as for providing information about products, services and offers.
22.4. The buyer has the right to use the Buyer’s personal information without distributing it publicly in order to better identify their needs and interests and thereby provide better quality services, including engaging third parties in identifying these needs, and interests.
23. Upon registration, the Buyer has the right to accept or refuse to receive communications for commercial or commercial purposes.
24. The Seller reserves the right to send to its users communications related to new services or to changes in terms and ways of using the current services.
25. The Seller shall ensure that the personal data provided by the user are not made available to third parties except when:
– there is explicit consent of the Buyer for this. For the sharing of any confidential personal information, it is necessary to give explicit consent;
– this information is provided to partner organizations or other trusted companies or persons who process it on behalf of the Website with the obligation to process personal information under these GTCs;
– there are reasonable grounds for considering that access, use, preservation or disclosure of such information is necessary to comply with applicable legislation, including for the detection of criminal offenses;
– applying other relevant Terms and Conditions, including verification of their potential violations;
– detect, prevent, or otherwise resolve fraud, technical or security issues.
26. The Seller may post ads of third parties who collect and use data from the Website for purposes of identifying the needs and needs of users of the Website, including for analytical purposes.
Intellectual Property
27. The entire content on the Website, including texts, images, inscriptions, graphics, trademarks, databases and products listed on the Website, are the property of the Seller and are protected by Bulgarian, European and other applicable laws and conventions for copyright, related and other intellectual property rights. The reproduction of the above, the Website in its entirety and / or any of its intellectual property items may be done only with the written consent of the Seller. The use of the Website does not grant users any intellectual property rights in whole or in any part of them.
28. The Seller is under no obligation to monitor the existence or absence of copyright and other intellectual property rights in the content of the websites available from the Website through hyperlinks and links. All intellectual property rights in the content posted by authors, consultants, or users on the Website or on the content from external sources to which the Website is referenced shall be borne by the persons who posted or disseminated that content on the Website.

Applicable law

29. The Seller does not guarantee that the materials or services on this Website are appropriate or accessible outside of Bulgaria and / or accessible to territories where their content is unlawful.
30. The provisions of the Bulgarian legislation apply to the unsettled matters in the current GTCs. Disputes relating to the use of the Website and the services and resources provided therein which cannot be settled by a mutual agreement will be referred to the competent Bulgarian court.
Thank you for understanding and agreeing to the Terms of Use of We wish you happy shopping!